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Welcome to Froggy Pond School of Learning

Froggy Pond School of Learning is a private Primary School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and currently caters for the  Grades of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 as well as Grades 00 and 0. 

Our objective is to provide a holistic approach to education which includes the cognitive, emotional and motor development of the child.

It has an inclusive policy which aims to offer and establish opportunities to ALL children, regardless of gender, race or cognitive ability.


The landlines are currently not working. Please kindly contact us on:
0772 228 777

Our School

Our School

Froggy Pond School adheres to a curriculum in line with other private primary schools in Zimbabwe. Its policy is to keep a low pupil-teacher ratio. This ensures that each child is given personalised and individualised attention. With this policy the children all benefit greatly. Any problems and difficulties experienced by a child are noted and addressed immediately and with the attention required.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are all qualified and experienced, maintaining a sensitive, friendly relationship with the children. Froggy Pond School's policy is one that insists on discipline at all times. We encourage good manners and require hard work from all our students. We also include fun activities, art projects and sewing classes - creating a well-balanced environment for your children to learn and grow.

Our Activities

Our Activities

We offer a variety of sporting activities to all the pupils. Grades 0 to 7 have their swimming, dance and movement lessons and cross country lessons during the school day. The Grades 3 – 7, and other pupils who are within the correct age group, have afternoon activities which are supervised by the teachers. These include netball, soccer, rounders and other physical activity which enhance motor skills and co-ordination.

How We Got Our Name

Dr Rattray, the Headmistresses  (Mrs Enslin), grandfather discovered a previously unknown frog in the Hogsback Mountain region of the Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1919. His discovery of this little amphibian resulted in it being named after him. Hence the name Rattray’s Forest Frog or The Hogsback Frog.

This is one of southern Africa’s smallest frog species with females attaining a body length of 22 mm. The Hogsback frog is classified as Endangered (EN), and is considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild due to its declining natural habitat.

Rattray Forest Frog

Where Are We?

Drop Off And Collection

Drop Off Times
 07:00 – 07:25

Collection Times
Grade 0 – 1: Finish at 12:00
Grade 2: Finish at 12:30
Grade 3 – 7: Finish at 13:00

Contact Info

  • +263-29-228 5603
  • +263-772 228 777

59 Aberdeen Road,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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