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Our School

Our School

School Fees

Froggy Pond school fees are currently:

Grade 0 – $750 per term
Grade 1 to 7 – $1000 per term
(These prices may change at any time)

Fees are payable on or before the first day of term.
Payment terms are available upon prior arrangement with the Headmistress of the school and must be strictly adhered to .


All of the Teachers at Froggy Pond School Of Learning are fully qualified.

They have either an appropriate diploma or relevant teaching degree in Early Childhood Development.


We adhere to a curriculum that is taught in all Private Schools in Zimbabwe.

School Uniform

Every pupil at Froggy Pond must wear the official school uniform.


All Homework is to be done, with it checked and signed where necessary by the parent or guardian.

Any queries must be addressed with the teacher.

School Rules

School Rules

These are basic rules that encourage a good foundation in your child’s behaviour and future interaction with the world and the people they will encounter throughout their lives.

Be Polite – say Good Morning to all Teachers
Be Courteous – say Excuse Me, no pushing
No shouting – put your hand up in class for attention
Do not interrupt the teacher or adult when they are talking
No fighting
No bad language
Neat, clean uniform at all times

Car Park Rules

Car Park Safety

This is extremely important and something we take very seriously at Froggy Pond. Your children are very precious and irreplaceable. Therefore we ask that Parents will follow the rules that govern them and we will, in turn, ensure that the children follow the school rules that protect and provide discipline.

Car Park The Car Park is a busy and dangerous area for children at drop off and collection times. Responsible and courteous driving is insisted upon at all times.

No Speeding
Follow the direction and correct flow of traffic
Courtesy required at gate entrance/exit
No leaving the car unattended in Drop Off Zone
Drop Off Zone is a conversation and chat free zone – Drop and Go
Do not allow children to walk/run through car park unattended
No Parking in unauthorised areas
School Gates are opened at 0700 hrs to 0730 hrs. After this the gates will be locked. Gates re-open at 1200pm for Grade 1 collection and close at 1315hrs.

Collection Rules

A teacher will be present at all times to monitor the children at the Waiting Area
If person other than parent is to collect your child – please inform the school
Do not disrupt flow of traffic at Drop Off Zone
Children will be unsupervised after 1300hrs so prompt collection is advised.

Swimming Rules

Swimming Rules

The swimming pool is out of bounds at all times – unless supervised by a teacher.

Swimming Cap to be worn at all times
No running around the pool
No jumping into the pool
No food or drink allowed in pool area
Playground Rules
No pushing or shoving
No screaming

Hairstyles Rules

Boys and girls hair should be neat and clean at all times.

Regulation hair styles for boys is short or cropped.

Girls must all have their hair away from their faces and tied back with blue or white clips, alice bands and elastic bands or braided neatly.

We do not accept any hair extensions.



Identify all your child’s items.

It is IMPERATIVE that all items of clothing, bags, swimming caps and even underwear are ALL marked with your childs name.

Please use a Fabric Marker or printed/embroidered name tags on all items of clothing and a Permanent Marker for everything else.



All Stationery MUST have the pupils name on. Pencils or Crayons must have the names etched on, or alternatively, names written on paper and cellotaped individually.

All Grades
At the Orientation Day for all new parents, there will be Stationary Packs and Book Bags available for purchase which includes all the necessary requirements for your children in the classroom.

Pencil Case
3 x Word Boxes with labels
Twister Crayons
Large Glue Stick
Junior Scissors
Beginner Writing Pencils



Exercise books will be provided by the school. If you could please ensure that these are covered in plastic to keep them clean and durable.

Reading Books and Library Books are provided by the school. These are the property of Froggy Pond and are a precious commodity, we insist that these books are treated with respect.

Book Etiquette
No colouring in on any pages
No Pencil marks on any pages
No earmarking or creasing of pages will be tolerated
No tearing of pages
Lost books will attract a fine

Lunch Box

Lunch Box

Froggy Pond School encourages a healthy, active lifestyle for your children.

That includes a healthy lunchbox option which stimulates good brain function, therefore good attention in class and absorption of all those new, wonderful lessons they are being taught.

Our Breaktime is from 10:15am to 10:45am and each child requires a drink and something to eat at this time.

We do not want sweets, lollipops, chewing gum, fizzy drinks and various other bad “stimulants” in their breaktime lunchbox. This can make the child restless in class, uncooperative, lose concentration and become disruptive.

Good Lunches

We encourage the healthy option of a sandwich with a savoury filling, a yoghurt, dried fruit, fresh fruit, healthy muffin and water or juice diluted with water for their drinking bottle. This is very beneficial for their concentration, blood sugar levels, consistency in class and ultimately their learning skills.

We also recommend a good breakfast before coming to school to kickstart their busy day.

Where Are We?

Drop Off And Collection

Drop Off Times
 07:00 – 07:25

Collection Times
Grade 0 – 1: Finish at 12:00
Grade 2: Finish at 12:30
Grade 3 – 7: Finish at 13:00

Contact Info

  • +263-29-228 5603
  • +263-772 228 777

59 Aberdeen Road,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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