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Our Activities

Our Sport


It is compulsory for every child to do swimming classes at Froggy Pond School. The pupils swim on a Monday and Thursday as a lesson during the day. The Class Teacher takes the lesson in the School Swimming Pool which has wide steps and is shallow for walking and standing. This provides a secure, safe environment for children of all levels of swimming competency.

Cross Country

Cross Country is a regular, compulsory sport that the children do every Friday in the First Term during the school day. They run with teachers, and any mom or dad that would like to join in and do the course! The course is a little run on the roads surrounding the school to a certain tree for the Grade 1’s and a different turnaround point for the older children. It is a quiet residential area with little or no traffic, so safe and secure.

Hip Hop Lessons

Learning to dance in time to a beat to a dance routine tests co-ordination, memory and concentration. This comes in handy when learning dance routines for our School Plays. These lessons are fun, active and a popular lesson for the children.


Netball is a Second Term sport for the girls as a school lesson. This is done every Friday on the School Field with the occasional away game at another school in Bulawayo. This encourages team motivation and interaction with other children.


Soccer is the Second Term sport for the Boys on Fridays on the School Field during the school day. An away game is occasionally organised to encourage and motivate the players as well as to encourage interaction.

Afternoon Sport

Every week a variety of sporting activities are played on the school field for the Grade 3 to 6 classes and any other children who meet the age requirement. This is a compulsory afternoon activity.


In the Winter Second Term Athletics is the activity done on a Friday. Both boys and girls participate with much enthusiasm.

Where Are We?

Drop Off And Collection

Drop Off Times
 07:00 – 07:25

Collection Times
Grade 0 – 1: Finish at 12:00
Grade 2: Finish at 12:30
Grade 3 – 7: Finish at 13:00

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